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Visalia Medical Clinic
Physical Rehabilitation Center
119 N. Akers St., Visalia

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Meet VMC's team

Visalia Medical Clinic’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center offers a highly trained team of professionals.

Our physical therapists specialize in sports and spinal therapy and are ready to help you recover from a sports or work injury, hip or knee replacement or help you cope with chronic pain.

Visalia Medical Clinic
At Visalia Medical Clinic's Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center

Visalia Medical Clinic's Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center helps patients return to work and the activities they love. Physicians work closely with Visalia Medical Clinic's team of three physical therapists to get patients of all ages back to health and normal function. Visalia Medical Clinic's physical therapy center offers:

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  • Make sure you have a proper warm-up and cool down. 5 to 10 minutes of light jogging or walking and stretching. Gently hold the stretches for 10-20 seconds.
    No bouncing!

  • Make sure your footwear fits properly and is in good condition.

  • Make sure your equipment (helmet, cleats, etc) fits properly.

  • If you are injured, follow the Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate (RICE) method.

  • If you still have swelling after 3 days (or the injury is serious), seek
    medical attention.

  • Communicate with your coach, trainer and parents about injuries as soon
    as possible.

  • Allow your body to rest and heal from an injury before returning to
    strenuous activity.

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